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Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk or Ecotherapy is literally therapy in nature, walking and talking. It combines the psychotherapeutic support with the benefits of being in nature.

We naturally relax as humans being surrounded by nature, whether that be a blue space; by the sea, a lake, or a river or a green space; forest, wood, or garden. Ecotherapy has all the benefits of traditional therapy except it take place outdoors. It can be a deeply calming, meditative, grounding experience while providing support emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It encourages activity and can get things moving – literally and metaphorically. The place in nature will be chosen in relation to your preference and physical ability.

Happy Clients

After my second session with Anne-Marie I felt a huge shift. It was like the weight I had been carrying for so many years had gone. I had gone to numerous counsellors before without much success. Anne-Marie got to the root of my anxiety and released the trauma that was causing it.​
I have had several Reiki sessions with Anne-Marie and I will continue to return. I have found them deeply relaxing and healing and feel the benefits for days after. I always sleep so peacefully after a session. I would highly recommend her Reiki sessions if you're feeling anxious or stressed or just want some TLC.​
Anne-Marie Helped in a time of my life when I had lost direction and hope. She made me realise all that I could do in this world. The time, effort and patience she put in with me is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I am forever grateful for everything she has helped me with.​