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Do you feel sluggish or low in energy? Do you sometimes feel exhausted and frazzled?

Reiki is a simple yet powerful healing energy system that helps to restore harmony within the body on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

One session of Reiki can help to increase health and vitality. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself and Reiki can enhance this healing. It can aid relaxation and reduce stress by helping to clear energies within the body that are not flowing optimally.

Reiki works on the chakras (energy centres in the body) to help bring harmony and balance.

About Reiki

Reiki is a complementary therapy rather than an alternative one. It is recommended that conventional medical treatment is sought for any serious illness within the body. Reiki is an ancient healing energy practice that was re-discovered by Dr Usui in the late 1800’s. It is defined as Universal or Spiritual (Rei-) Life force or Energy (Ki).

Clients remain fully clothed throughout the session. Anne-Marie uses hands on Reiki touch, along with some sound healing and essential oils.

Reiki can be beneficial for personal development. People can start to feel lighter as if a burden has been lifted which helps them feel more in control. As a result they can focus better which helps them make decisions which bring value to their lives.

Reiki works on the physical level by helping to relieve pain, regenerate organs and
tissues, release trapped energy, and promote relaxation. It also works on a mental and
emotional level by helping to establish wellbeing and spiritual equilibrium. Reiki can be a transformational tool by helping you develop higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Happy Clients

After my second session with Anne-Marie I felt a huge shift. It was like the weight I had been carrying for so many years had gone. I had gone to numerous counsellors before without much success. Anne-Marie got to the root of my anxiety and released the trauma that was causing it.​
I have had several Reiki sessions with Anne-Marie and I will continue to return. I have found them deeply relaxing and healing and feel the benefits for days after. I always sleep so peacefully after a session. I would highly recommend her Reiki sessions if you're feeling anxious or stressed or just want some TLC.​
I cannot express how amazingly gifted Anne-Marie is with Reiki. She helped my daughter who is struggling with her mental health. After every session she is a happy bright teenager again. I’ve never experienced anything like it and am so grateful to have found her.