Morning Pages

Morning pages are literally three pages of A4 stream of consciousness writing that you perform first thing in the morning. First introduced by Julia Cameron in her book The Artists Way, A spiritual path to higher creativity. By writing first thing in the morning, free flowing without any thought on spelling, grammar, commas, full stops etc you gain access you your creative flow. First thing in the morning, get out of bed, make a coffee or a tea and sit down with your A4 pad and write three pages by hand. It is recommended to write by hand as there is something about handwriting that activates a more creative part of our brain. If handwriting is not an option for you then writing on your computer is better than not at all. This practice is also called Brain Dump which is exactly what you are doing. You are writing everything and anything, getting it onto the page so that you will not have to think about it again. Writing is a wonderful way to access our subconscious mind. By writing things will start to come up that we thought we had locked away. We write our way to creative flow and ultimately a clearer brain to start our day free of worries and concerns giving us more space to be creative with our lives. For some people finding the time to do this first thing can be hard. I recommend you do this at a time that works for you. Although Julia Cameron strongly advises against doing it at any other time, I am a firm believer that it is better to do them at a time that works for you than not at all. Try it for a week, whether it means you have to set your alarm 30 minutes early to get the time, or if you need to take 30 minutes out of your schedule to practice them or perhaps do them instead of another practice for a while and see if they work for you. I have been practicing morning pages for over 7 years now and in all honesty I really notice when I do not practice for a few days. I always feel lighter, clearer and more mindful and creative after my practice. So much comes up that helps me see things in a wider frame of mind. Morning pages is one of my tools for self-care, it is a like a moving meditation and helps me on so many levels. To find out more visit