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Holistic Therapy

The psychotherapy offered at LIMA is an holistic approach called Human Givens.

The Human Givens framework offers a revolutionary new organising idea derived from the latest scientific understandings from neurobiology and psychology, ancient wisdom and original new insights.

It is a bio-psycho-social model of psychotherapy. This approach facilitates long-lasting improvements taking as few sessions as possible.

It explores your individual needs and the resources you have to get those needs met, finding practical solutions to your problems.

The Human Givens

All individuals come into the world with the same basic physical and emotional needs. Physical needs include air, water, nutrition, sleep, and shelter. Emotional needs include security, attention, emotional connection to others, feeling in control, having status and the sense that life is meaningful, which comes from being healthily stretched in our lives.
Nature also gives us a range of innate resources to help us meet these needs. These resources include: memory, imagination, problem solving abilities, self awareness and a range of different thinking styles to use in various situations. These needs and resources are built into our biology and make up the ‘givens’ of human nature.

Happy Clients

After my second session with Anne-Marie I felt a huge shift. It was like the weight I had been carrying for so many years had gone. I had gone to numerous counsellors before without much success. Anne-Marie got to the root of my anxiety and released the trauma that was causing it.​
I recently had a session with Anne-Marie to help me deal with a trauma I had experienced. I was blown away by how effective it was and how I was able to move from the awful heaviness I was carrying in my heart. I have been recommending Anne-Marie to everyone who needs it ever since.
I had been to see numerous counsellors over the years so was not expecting much. After just one session with Anne-Marie I felt like a weight had been lifted. She was the first counsellor who seemed to understand me. She made me feel comfortable right from the first instance