Guided Imagery Meditation

Guided Imagery Meditation is a wonderful way help you deeply relax. Using the power of your imagination you visualise a place in nature where you particularly like to go. Somewhere you go in reality and where you find you can instantly feel more centred. Perhaps it is a place you visit in your imagination, like an imaginary garden or beach or forest. Being in nature helps you naturally relax because after all you are natural living being. Once you find yourself in your place in nature in your imagination I will guide you on a visual journey through story and metaphor. Your brain naturally metaphorically pattern matchs so metaphorical stories can help you see things differently and get you out of your black and white thinking which you go into when you are under stress or when your fight or flight response has been activated. Try this Guided Imagery Meditation for a week and see if it helps you to feel better. If it does then this can be a wonderful tool to add to your self-care tool kit.

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